Support, Transportation and Hospitality

HG Trackside Support

Track weekends are all about getting out and enjoying your car. Unfortunately there is a lot of time that goes into getting to the track and back. Loading up a trailer and hauling to the track eats up your valuable time and energy. Once at the track you need to setup your tent and tools. Then you need to prep your car and check it mechanically between sessions.

HG Trackside is here to help with our Track Valet and Hospitality Service. We will load up your car and transport it to the track event of your choice. Once at the track, we will upload your car and our motorsports mechanics will get it prepped for your first session. We will setup out complete hospitality tents and catering services. You will be able to show up and go driving all day. Lunch and refreshments will be ready for you to enjoy. We provide the option for top-tier private driving coaches to help improve your skills all weekend long. At the end of the weekend your car will be carefully loaded back up and returned without you lifting a finger. Come experience the HG Trackside Support in VIP style.