Photography by ©2019 Toni Avery

In preparation for the HAWK motorsports event at Road America in July, HG Trackside brought the KMS Lister out to Auto Club Speedway on May 18th for further testing.

Piloting the KMS was both Oscar Jackson Jr., of Jackson Racing and HG Trackside coach and Julian Mann, the cars owner. Each switched off for the testing sessions, getting a feel for the car on track and especially on the famous banking.

Qualifying on pole by seven seconds, there would be no one in front of the Lister for the race start. The KMS was entered in Super Unlimited and among the field there was no competition. The Lister was driven to victory with a huge 31.9 second gap between first and second place.

The HG Trackside and Jackson Racing team feels quite prepared for the upcoming HAWK event in July.

Toni Avery

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Born into the car world, Toni was introduced to cars through her dad who collected and showed concours classics. Attending her first racing school on her sixteenth birthday, to date she has completed sixteen schools with one of the most recent affording her an SCCA full competition race license.