The core focus of our driver development program is to get customers into their cars at the racetrack and enjoy safe and fun seat-time. Seat time is the key to learning and building positive muscle memory and through our modules at the Porsche Experience Center Los Angeles we are able to properly build a foundation of core values to grow from. Kevin Madsen, our Lead Driving Coach and Dieter-Heinz Kijora have been working with a few of our clients to further develop these skills not only for street cars but also with drivers like Steven Aghakani who are embedded in racing activities. We look forward to these opportunities to help develop and grow strategies through Data and seat-time with right-seat coaching.

Toni Avery

About Toni Avery

Born into the car world, Toni was introduced to cars through her dad who collected and showed concours classics. Attending her first racing school on her sixteenth birthday, to date she has completed sixteen schools with one of the most recent affording her an SCCA full competition race license.

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