At the end of 2012 Jason purchased his dream car, a Nissan GTR. For the next couple years he spent everyday in that GTR utilizing it for commuting and pleasure around SoCal. Then in 2015 he was bitten by the passion for Motorsport after attending a Speed Ventures track day at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, CA. During his time on track he realized what a capable machine the GTR is and its ability to transition from streetcar to track car very easily.

As most track days would transpire without incident, on this day it nearly turned into the opposite with a minor brake caliper issue, which caused a noticeable noise. Thankfully HG Performance was there testing with a customer who also happened to be in a GTR and recommended Jason seek our advice! The crew from HG inspected the car and found Jason was having the same issue a different customer had but thankfully Team HG was able to catch & repair the issue trackside so Jason could continue driving for the remainder of the day.

From that point on Jason and Team HG bonded and worked well together as Dieter-Heinz coached Jason and they attended multiple events over the course of the year from COTA to Laguna Seca. In late 2015 Jason and HG decided to take his car to the next level and begin to compete in NASA Time Trial and during that time they both realized the matched pairing of Jason’s natural talent and his GTRs capability could result in a winning combination. After a handful of wins and track records in his class they focused on the West & National Championship. The addition of HRE wheels, Pirelli slicks, JRZ suspension and Brembo Racing brakes allowed the car to perform flawlessly under the care of HG Performance and guidance of HG Trackside. Sadly, due to a scheduling conflict, the team was not able to compete at Nationals in 2016 but the progress made and the achievement of Western Champion was enough to know that the time committed was well worth it.

Jason will now focus on getting his SCCA license and begin the transition into the next step of wheel-to-wheel racing! Team HG and Jason look forward to many more seasons of shared success!

Toni Avery

About Toni Avery

Born into the car world, Toni was introduced to cars through her dad who collected and showed concours classics. Attending her first racing school on her sixteenth birthday, to date she has completed sixteen schools with one of the most recent affording her an SCCA full competition race license.