HG Trackside Driver Development

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HG Trackside Driver Development

A transition from HPDE or time trial to wheel to wheel racing can be daunting. In most cases the budget to make that transition can seem too high. HG Trackside’s focus during our multi-year driver development programs is to allow multiple drivers to share costs, enjoy the experience together and with proper coaching, develop core values. With those benchmarks in place, junior or gentleman drivers can be ready to move into more competitive racing series.

Utilizing the Porsche Experience Center in Los Angeles our coaches can work on advanced car control, advanced road course training and simulator training with each driver or the team as a group. Drivers will have the option of performing this training as often as their schedule will facilitate.

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HG Trackside Supported Drivers

Steven Aghakhani AMG

2019 Season


Brooks Leal Mazda MX-5 Cup

2018 Season

Mazda MX-5 Cup

Max Root Racing Porsche - HG Trackside

2017 Season