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In 1956, Heinz Gietz (HG) became the crew chief for Augie Pabst who was racing the Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing. Heinz Gietz’s was Pabst’s crew chief and had a vast knowledge of the 300SL platform. Heinz Gietz solidified his expert knowledge of racing and gained him notoriety for his abilities on the track.

Dieter Heinz, grandson to Heinz Gietz, continues the tradition of racing and trackside support. Earning trophies behind the wheel, lead him to help others at the track. Currently instructing for Porsche at their Experience Center in Los Angeles, Dieter Heinz has the knowledge and training to get you on the podium.

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Dieter-Heinz Kijora HG Trackside

Team Principal

Dieter-Heinz Kijora

HG Trackside is run by Dieter-Heinz, a championship winning race car driver and professional driving instructor. Dieter has years of experience winning on track in different types of cars. After racing Dieter started coaching drivers professionally while running HG Motorsports in San Diego, CA. His talent was recognized by Porsche and he was brought on board to coach at the Porsche Experience Center Los Angeles. Dieter formed HG Trackside to be able to develop the next generation professional race car drivers. With his expertise in the Porsche chassis and his talent as a coach he has helped thousands of drivers improve their skills on track.

In 2017, Dieter launched driver, Max Root, into the Porsche Pirelli GT3 Cup Trophy USA series. Root is currently in second place for the series championship.

Kevin Madsen - HG Trackside

Lead Driving Coach

Kevin Madsen

Kevin Madsen is a professional driver and coach who works with leading automotive manufacturers, agencies and racing schools to deliver meaningful driver education while ensuring his pupils get the most from detailed data analysis, mental preparation and final race performance. Kevin believes his relentless focus on consistency and excellence helped lead him to seven US road racing championships, including a national championship, and that this same focus is what leads him to deliver top notch coaching programs for the celebrity, pro and amateur motorsports clients he regularly serves.

When he is not helping students gain speed and consistency at HG trackside as Lead Driving Coach, Kevin can be found in various leadership, coaching and driving roles at Exotics Racing LA, Hooked on Driving California, EXR Racing Series, Ford Arizona Proving Ground, Lexus Performance Driving School, Infiniti High Performance Driving Experience, Porsche Experience Center and more.

Oscar Jackson Racing - HG Trackside

Driving Coach

Oscar Jackson

Oscar Jackson Jr. of Jackson Racing in Chino, CA has spent his entire life fully immersed in car culture and racing. Starting at the age of 4 via motocross, Oscar took to the track to begin his successful racing career. At 16 he moved to auto racing, collecting countless race wins and two SCCA national championships, Oscar’s talent stretches well beyond winning races. Oscar also coaches aspiring racers on various tracks looking to improve their skills and to move up in the ranks of amateur and pro racing organizations. The Porsche Experience Center in Los Angeles also serves as another coaching platform for Oscar where he can teach anything from car control to proper driving line on a closed course.

When Oscar isn’t racing or coaching on track, he and his father Oscar Jackson Sr. run Jackson Racing, which engineers and sells high performance street and racing components. Jackson Racing was established in 1979 and has been a long time leader in high-performance products, and continues to prove its name on track.

Toni Avery - Director of Communications

Director of Communications

Toni Avery

Born into the car world, Toni was introduced to cars through her dad who collected and showed concours classics. Attending her first racing school on her sixteenth birthday, to date she has completed sixteen schools with one of the most recent affording her an SCCA full competition race license.

Toni began her professional career in the automotive industry in 2011 writing for various publications at TEN (The Enthusiast Network) including European Car, while also starting her own automotive website GirlsDriveFastToo.com. She has also worked on the PR side of automotive with JMPR to obtain a better understanding of the automotive industry.

Toni got in on the ground floor at the Porsche Experience Center in Los Angeles as the only full-time female driving coach where she not only obtained world-class training in driving and right-seat coaching, but also became a Porsche Certified Driving Instructor able to handle any vehicle in the lineup. After two-and-a-half years at Porsche, Toni now brings her talents to HG Trackside as the Director of Communications.