HG Trackside is proud to announce it has acquired a multi car transport trailer complete with 2 Pit Carts and Driver lounge! The Champion Trailer can hold 4 to 5 cars depending on size, carry a plethora of tools & spares and accommodate 5 drivers with 2 other support staff (driving coach & engineer) in the climate controlled lounge. The focus will be transporting customer cars to and from the track, provide hospitality and be able to assist with optional coaching & technical support for street cars or race cars. Additionally we are looking forward to being able to collaborate with other local Tuning Shops to assist with getting mutual groups of customers to the track or special events. Details will be COMING SOON about our tentative track day schedule but if there are any questions or a group is already planning on going together please do not hesitate to reach out to lock in a few days of our calendar!

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